Time for a little DIY project?

I have a little DIY project for you! It is very simple, you just need some fabric, textile colour and some water! 

I work a lot with watercolour and now I tried to transfer my little experiments I do on paper to fabric. 

I used differend kind of papers, a lot of water and watercolour. The dark blue one I pinned to the wall, while it was still wet. I did the same with fabric:

The right one was folded and then dipped into colour. Both samples were hanged on the clothes drying rack while drying.

Here are the instructions for the blue pillowcover:

Take a sponge a apply water to the fabric, it should be quite a lot, so use a wetproof surface.
Then apply the colour with a stencil brush. You can go wild and just apply the colour spontanous, I used a ruler and applied the colour in fixed distances. I wonder if you understand! Do you?
Now you have to hang the wet fabric on the clothes drying rack and wait :)

I like the somehow dotted batic appearance of the pillow. If you try this, please send me a picture :)

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