Diy - lampshade

As I wrote in the previous post I visited Koja two weeks ago. I took a lot of pictures and of course I can't show them all. But I want to show you one more, because it inspired me to do this diy:

The picture is not good, but this is the only one I have where you can see the lampshade. I think it's very nice and so I decided to make one for myself out of air-drying clay! I tried to make a lampshade before and it didn't really worked out. 
Nevertheless it was hanging in our kitchen for more than a year now. Time for a change.
These are the two lampshades:

You need:
- ballon
- big glass or little bowl
- 1kg air-drying modelling clay (I used  Staedtler Fimo Air white)
- a clean underlay ( I used my cutting board)
- a knife and clay modelling tools ( I am shure a spoon, knife and folk will do it too)
- a bowl with water
- some cardboard
- pendant light cord & bulb


1) Draw the shape I used (it' s 6 cm long and about 4-5 cm wide) onto cardboard or thick paper and cut it out
2) Blow up the ballon (mine had the size of a little honeydew melon)
3) Take 1/3 of the clay and roll it out (2 - 3 mm thick)
4) Cut out as many little forms as possible
5) Brush the pieces slightly with water and place them around the ballon (in the lower third). The pieces will stick to the ballon
6) For the 2nd layer I used a fork to roughen the backside of the forms, they will stick better to the first layer, use a little water too
7) Press the forms slightly one after the other and spread them a little with a knife, so they stick together
8) Be careful with the last row, every piece should be connected and take some extra clay to strengthen this part
9) Let it dry 24 hours (don't put it in the sun or nearby heating)

10) Destroy the ballon, make a tiny hole and let the air out slowly
11) Use a thin laywer of clay and spread it on the inside of the lamp to strengthen the whole construction/ Let it dry
12) Unscrew the plug and pull your lampshade over the light cord (carefully!) / screw the plug back on


You could even paint it with acrylic or poster paint. I will leave it for now, but I can  imagine it looks really nice with a colour gradient or so.

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