Koja Shop

I visited Koja lately, a wonderful little shop and design studio. 
The owner is Anna Backlund, a wellknown designer from Göteborg. 
Her shop is located in Majorna just on the same street I live. 
It' s a creative place/space where Anna sells well selected items, 
designed by herself or other talented designers.

Among other things you can find products from HOUSE OF RYM (many designs are made by Anna Backlund), Maria Bergström, Kristine Thenman, Fine little day and emma och malena .

Trays by Fine litttle day / Coffee pot & sugar bowl by House of Rym

Cups and Tea pot by HOUSE OF RYM

Den som gräver en grop bygger ett berg/ Object by Kristine Thenman
The carpet is designed by Anna Backlund
Fouta towels designed by Anna Backlund

The studio 
The studio is both workplace and showroom. Sometimes there are workshops held by 
different designers. To be updated follow the shop on instagram or facebook.


Maria Bergström works in the studio too. 
She is a designer MFA and has a background in 
product- and sustainable design.
The hidden adventure/ Print and plant hanger by Maria Bergström

Read more about her collection The hidden adventure here.

I recommend to visit this unique shop. You can also by postcards from me there :)
If you are not in Göteborg, you can at least take a look at the webshop.
So long!

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