Kaktus i Kubik


I have been to the exhibition Kaktus I Kubik at the trädgårdsföreningen  (The garden society of Gothenburg). The exhibition is about the wonderful world of succulents held by the garden society in collaboration with, amongst others,  La Fleuriste and Växtverket.  The pictures you can see here show the installation made by Växtverket, which I enjoyed a lot! The beautiful flowerpots are made by Tammy's Keramik.


I experimented with several printing techniques. Have you ever tried out monoprinting? I printed on paper first and then I tried it with fabric (organic of course). It was so much fun to try out something new. I showed the final pieces at the KKV Göteborg during  Konstrundan I Majorna 2017. Have a look:

Print on paper

 Print on fabric

You can take a look at the project on Behance too.

I printed on  heavy ecru organic cotton (300g/m2). Every print is a unique piece and I just love them. I want to set up a web shop for the cushion covers but it it difficult to sell them. I will try again! They are made with care, love and passion. If you are interested in one of them, don´t hesitate to contact me :)

Objects and strange flowers

I love to decorate the dinnertable. The winter is long and it will take a long time until I can pick flowers in the garden. So I made some strange flowers and objects I can use to decorate. I always collect sticks, cones and  bark when I am out in the woods or by the coast.
Today I took a great skillshare class by Tabitha Park: DIY Studio Photography Lightbox + Demo. I took only 20 minutes to make the lightbox and I had to took pictures of my strange flowers and a lot of other stuff right away. So much fun!

So schön

 Farben! Färg! Colours!
 There are so many of them. I could study them all day long.

The sun is shining and I am still inspired by the exhibition I saw last week at the Röhsska museum :  Margrethe Odgaard - winner of the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg prize 2016.

Have a beautiful day!


Hej from the house by the sea. I love to see how others live, what about you? Here some impressions of our place. I am working from home now, I want to show you photos from the studio soon. Still I am not shure if my creative powers have recovered after I lost so many designs. Make more backups is all I can say!

Hello again!

I haven't been active here over the last months. Sorry! Much has happened and I was concentrating on other things. If it's quiet around here, check out my instagram profile or my facebook account
For now I want to show you some pictures of the beautiful southern part of Sweden. My friends took me on a little roadtrip. We went down the westcoast from Gothenburg to Ystad and a bit further:

Bye bye summer!