Black and White II

Hej! I finished my new portfolio lately. A lot of black, white and grey. I love colours, but I needed a challenge and I wanted to keep it it simple. The portfolio was a lot digital editing and it made me tired to just sit by the computer. So at home I printed and painted to get a feeling for colour, structure and texture. I want to print a black & white collection for Nordic Design Collective. It took me some time to find organic cotton and I even thought about printing on cotton that is not ecofriendly. Second thought: No way!

Here you can see some of my test prints:

Handpainted/dyed Bag/ Structure/ Sample

 Big bag


 Tote bag print

Cushions Black & White

 Table cloth print

 Table cloth & cushion

Little container made of canvas

I will tell you more about my little containers soon. I would love to produce the Big Bag in a larger quantity, but it is not possible yet. It is a great bag, you can put a lot of stuff in it ;)

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