Handpainted fabric - cushion cover DIY

As you know I print on fabric. I use screenprint or I make templates/ stencils, sometimes I color the fabric before. This time I just painted on the fabric with a stencil brush. I worked with a dry brush, that means you don't dip it in water but only in the colour. This way the bristle strokes are visible and I like the rough appearance of it.

The one on the first picture is my favourite and I made a cushion cover out of this fabric. You can do it too, it's very simple :)

You need:
Black textile paint
stencil brush

How to:
Wash & iron the fabric and place it on a table. Put newspapers or an old cloth under it. You can tape the fabric at the edges with masking tape, so it doesn't slip. Dip the brush into the color and start drawing. Do 3-4 brushstrikes or even more. The brushstroke gets more interesting with less colour. Do a test on a little piece of fabric before.
Fix the colour according to the manual. Now you can sew whatever you like, here is my finished product:

 Do you like it? If you have any questions about this DIY project, just write me :)

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