Artist Per Fhager

I would like to introduce you to the work of artist Per Fhager!

 Per Fhager
 Image Courtesy of Kim Svensson

Per Fhager is a swedish artist living and working in Malmö. He used to live in Göteborg where we shared the same studio together with 4 other designers/artists. He had his workspace next to mine and I could see him stitching his pictures. Per uses the traditional craft of embroidery to create amazing pieces of art!
I am very happy to present his work here on my blog and show you how the Megaman totebag was made!
Per is mixing embroidery and videogames, he translates screenshots into handmade pictures. Take a look and you'll see ( you can also read more about him here) :
Per Fhager, Field Studies, Installation view
Image Courtesy of Stene Projects

Per Fhager, 2015, Cybernator, 98X84,5cm, double gobelin stitch needle point, wool  Image Courtesy of Stene Projects
Per Fhager, 2015, Cybernator, 98X84,5cm, double gobelin stitch needle point, wool
Image Courtesy of Stene Projects

Per Fhager, Megaman IV, 137X119cm, chain stitch needle point, wool
Image Courtesy of Stene Projects

In the last picture you see a needlepaint work from 2011: Megamen IV. 
The totebag is a limited edition series of 20 pieces that is based on this work.

Per Fhager, Megaman totebag 

"The bag is made entirely from a heavy needlepoint fabric, the motif is based on a graphic element drawn from the 1993 video game Megaman IV, the main character Megaman. The Megaman series of games was highly influential during my childhood, the beautiful and unique visual style combined with amazingly catchy music immediately drew my interest and inspired and still inspires my personal creativity.

The motif from 2011 which the bag derives from is a screenshot from the very ending of the game. Megaman returns home on a train to his rural home, greated by his friends. As the train stops and he jumps off the roof, the image freezes and the colors turn from lush green and blue to sepia, mimicking an old photo. A highly emotional gaming moment that lingered with me a long time after completing the game for the first time. It truly qualifies as one of my strongest video game experiences and it was obvious that I had to create an artwork based on it.

The needlepoint is made using wool yarn. The stitch used is the long legged cross stitch, also known as tvistsom. A traditional Swedish technique with a history of more than 300 years. The stitches, derived from the classic cross stitch, create a unique, braided surface. Video game graphics from games such as Megaman are created using small dots, pixels. Just like the needlepoint stitches on canvas or eavenweave fabric. In my art I recreate scenes from video games as needlepoint works."

Per Fhager

The different stages of creating the Megaman totebag:

When he sewed the bag I wasn`t there to take pictures. Here are some more pictures of the final result:

Per Fhager, Megaman totebag 2015

It looks great and I love the colour combination! What do you think? Are you interested in seeing more of Per Fhagers art? I guess so!
He is represented by Stene Projects, Stockholm.  
Follow his art on instagram: @perfhager .

Per Fhager, Captions, The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening (version 7) - 22,5X20,5 
 Image Courtesy of Stene Projects

Hope you enjoyed it! Bye Bye for now!

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